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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone Too Soon

I recently started reading this book that my mom's visiting teacher gave to me. I started to read the first page the day she gave it to me, which was almost a month ago. I read the first two lines, which started out with a man making a comment to a women who had just lost her baby by saying you didn't even know the baby, he was just a blob of cells. I immediately started to cry and slammed the book shut. I get so tired of hearing people make stupid thoughtless comments. It hit way too close to home. To people who make these crazy comments, I want to ask, did you feel my baby's first movement, did you have so many hopes and dreams for this child, does every thought you have consume this baby, Did you hold my baby and see that it was a fully developed human being? Because if you had done any of these things, you would know that it was so much more than just a blob of cells.

I finally got over my fear of this book and reopened it and started reading it a few days ago. I love this book, I can relate to everything in it. I thought that everything I was going through was so abnormal. This book has helped me realize that all of the guilt and anger I'm feeling are completely normal. This book explains all the stages of grief a person (especially a mother) goes through. It is written from an LDS perspective, and talks about how our religion seems to expect us to handle our trials in stride. Because somebody always has it worse than us. But the author explains how everyone who bears testimony of trials is always after they have gotten through the trials. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a miscarriage, still birth, or lost an infant.

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  1. I absolutly agree with everything you just said Chelsea. Hearing other peoples stupid comments is what was the hardest thing for me. I am so glad you read this book. It was so uplifting for me, I really loved it.
    It is still on a shelf with my memory boxes from my 2 babies that were born pre-mature.