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Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 12, 2011

I’m sure some of you have heard about the loss of our little boy, I want to share the story of what happened because a lot of people have questions and this will help everyone who feels uncomfortable asking us, Tate is very much a part of our lives and we are very open to speaking about him.

June 11, 2011 was supposed to be a happy day, and it started out as one. Wes and I got up as normal and got ready for his brother Casey’s wedding. We went to their sealing at the St. George Temple. I think that was the perfect place for me to be before our world came crashing down. It helped reassure the knowledge that our family is forever, Tate is ours forever!

After the sealing and pictures, we went to the wedding luncheon. After the luncheon was over, Wes and I went home for a break between the luncheon and reception. I started to have some pain in my back and so we decided to lie down for an hour. Wes rubbed my back and I started to feel better. I got up to start getting ready at about 6 p.m. and I could just tell that something wasn’t right. I called my doctor and told him what was going on. I didn’t have any pain or bleeding I just knew that something wasn’t right. He told me that he thought I should go into the E.R. and just get everything checked out, and if things weren’t right they would call him and let him know.

We got to the E.R. at about 7 p.m. and they immediately got us in. I told them my symptoms and the nurse started checking for a heartbeat, she found one and it was 152!! We both started crying, we thought everything was going to be ok. Then the E.R. doctor came in, I told him my whole story over again, and he ordered a pelvic ultrasound. About half an hour later the ultrasound tech came and got me, and just took me alone and said Wes could just stay in the room. So she starts looking at the baby, and he was there. He looked perfect, but I could tell he wasn’t moving, I kept trying to tell myself that he was just sleeping. But in my heart I knew he was gone. The tech said that she needed to go get the radiologist because he was going to finish up with me. Then she came back about 10 minutes later and said she couldn’t find him. She came back and started looking at the baby again and tried measuring the heartbeat, and wasn’t getting one. She wasn’t saying anything to me though; she just kept measuring him and showing me his head and body. Then the E.R. doctor came back in and asked if she found a heart beat yet? She said “no”, and that was the first I had heard of it. I knew that she hadn’t but it’s the hardest thing in the world to hear that your baby is gone. I started crying and the doctor turned to me and said “I’m sorry but you’ve lost your baby”. I asked if I could see my husband. They walked me down the hallway back to my room, and there they had a stretcher and an EMT crew waiting outside in the hallway for me. I was so shocked that they had all of this waiting for me already. I didn’t even get to talk to Wes, but he had heard people out in the hall calling my Doctor, Dr. Chalmers and knew that things went wrong. I just looked at him and we could just feel each other’s pain.

They put me in the ambulance and rushed me over to Labor and Delivery hospital, I then found out that Dr. Chalmers would be meeting us there. Wes was able to ride over in the front of the ambulance. We got to the other hospital and they checked me in and hooked me up to an IV, took more blood and asked a lot of questions. It was about 9:30 p.m. and Wes had called his parents and mine and they showed up shortly after we arrived.

Dr. Chalmers showed up at about 10 p.m. and explained to us what had happened. He said that I have an Incompetent Cervix. It means that my cervix is weak, and once the baby starts to get bigger my cervix just kind of gives out. The baby started to go into the birth canal and the umbilical cord got kinked which cut off oxygen to him. It is such a hard thing to know that my body was the reason all of this happened.

They induced me and I delivered Tate Wesley Pettus at 1:18 a.m. June 12, 2011. He weighed 5.5 ounces and was 7.5 inches long. He was so perfect; he had ten fingers and ten toes. He had Wes’ nose and my lips and chin. We got to see him and hold him. The nurses took him after we held him for awhile and brought him back in a tiny cute yarn beanie and a little blue gown. They took his hand and feet prints and gave us a certificate with his name and stats on it.

We stayed overnight and left Sunday afternoon. We were referred by the hospital to McMillan Mortuary, they did everything for the services we had on Friday June 17, 2011. We were so grateful for all of their help and generosity. I have pictures from the services that I will hopefully put up soon.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Chelsey, that has to be so hard and I can't even begin to think about the strength you guys have to have to get through all of this. I miscarried at 9 weeks right before I got pregnant with Scarlett and that was really hard-it doesn't even compare to what you guys had to go through, but like you blogging and letting people know helped a lot so I hope its not weird to say that I'm glad you're sharing your story. I think it will help other mothers also.
    Its great to have the knowledge of our religion to know that you will be with Tate again. what a special blessing that is.
    You're such a great person and I really admire all of your strength. again I'm so sorry from the bottom of my heart,you&wes will be in our prayers.

  2. Oh chelsey. I am so so so sorry! My heart aches for you both, I cannot even imagine going through this. You two are such amazing people and baby Tate will be with you two again. It's hard to understand the Plan when things such as this happen, but I hope it only strengthens and holds your ground for the eternal prospective of family. I will pray for you guys, and if you ever need to just talk let me know. Love ya chels.

  3. Chelsey, my heart is aching for you two! I know we don't know each other well, but I want you to know that you are in my prayers! I can't imagine the pain you are going through, but I know that our Savior does. I pray that you will find comfort through Him. You and Wes are amazing and I know you will have your beautiful little Tate with you again! If you ever need anything I'm here. With all my love.

  4. Oh Chelsey.... I am so so so sorry. My heart breaks for you and your husband, that has got to be so incredibly difficult. You're in my prayers!