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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Sonogram!!

So yesterday we had our first ultrasound appointment! We were able to see the baby and hear the heart beat! It was such a fun experience. The baby was so wiggly and kept moving its arms and legs around so we couldn't get a very good picture! This one above is my favorite though! You can see the eyes and arms and legs the best! I thought I was 10 weeks and 3 days, but they measured the baby and figured out i'm really only 9 weeks and 3 days, So they pushed my due date a week! So now the baby is due November 19th!!! I was a little disappointed when they told me this, because I was thinking "I already went through week 9" lol But I guess I get to have the baby inside for a week longer! Everything went really good , and they said that the baby is healthy and the heart beat sounds really good!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our weekend!

Our weekend was really good! It started on Friday when Wes got off work, I went to pick him up at the hotel where all of his coworkers live. He had forgotten his coat out at the job site and didn't want to leave it there all weekend! I had never driven out there, so I was pretty excited to go out and see where he works!
It was so pretty, I should have taken more pictures with my phone (it was the only camera I had with me) it was just one green field after the next! There were so many farmers out doing things in there fields; as we'd drive by they'd look up and wave at us! I felt like we were there neighbors! Wes has been telling me about this dead armadillo he see's every day while he's out working! I'd never seen an armadillo so it was interesting! It reminded me of the movie Rango, There is an armadillo that keeps trying to make it to the other side! I was a little nervous it was gonna jump and run! We've heard that there are possums all over out here too... haven't seen any of those little creatures yet though!

That evening Wes and our friend Adam Stuart went and helped the sister missionaries move to there new place, I stayed and visited with Kari and her two adorable boys! When the guys were done they came back to the Stuarts and we played hearts!
Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon we watched and enjoyed General Conference! There were so many great messages! Its amazing to know that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us counsel through his living prophets today!

I have been craving Cafe Rio or Durango's so bad since I have been pregnant and in Kansas they do not believe in having those types of restaurants!!! My cravings have been so bad that I have dreamed about eating there! So I got a recipe from a friend for the Cafe Rio Chicken, lime rice, and Spicy tomatillo dressing! So Sunday I attempted to make all of it! The chicken and lime rice turned out good! But for some reason the dressing just tastes nothing like it! If any of you have a recipe for it that tastes just like the "real" thing! Please share!!! I still have more than a month til I can go back to Utah!

Easter crafts!!

I don't know if many of you know, but Wes and I live in a house with no furniture, just our bed, a little table and some folding chairs! We choose to live like this, so Wes can get his career started as a line man and it saves us money! The down side to living so simple is that I don't really get to decorate and make crafts like I use to enjoy doing!
I just got a calling as a visiting teacher! I was so excited because I have lots of free time! I don't have a job and since I've been pregnant I'm so grateful for that! So I had a little free time and I get the Woman's Day magazine and saw this cute little craft! I made on for my self, and one for the lady my partner and I visiting teach!
Follow this link to make your own Peep's sunflower!
I also wanted to make this cute spring time craft, but didn't have enough time to find wooden blocks!