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Monday, March 28, 2011

I went to my first doctors appointment today! It was basically just a checkup to make sure I'm doing everything right, i.e: eating when I get hungry, taking my prenatal vitamins! I had some blood work done also, and I haven't heard back from the nurse so I assume that everything looks good! I'm so excited for my next appointment; we'll be able to have our first sonogram and hear the baby's heartbeat! That appointment won't be until April 18th! I'll be 10 weeks at that visit!

I've noticed a few changes since I hit my seven week mark, I get hungry more often (which I didn't think was even possible). If I don't eat the second I feel hungry then I get super nauseous, which is not a fun feeling!! I have become so tired lately too! I get about 10-12 hrs of sleep a night now that my tooth is feeling better! I get so tired with little activities , which Wes thinks is so funny, Like yesterday I vacuumed the whole house (which is only 4 total rooms) and after i was done I was telling him how tired I was ! He laughs and thinks it's so cute!

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  1. It was a nice feeling after I had Emery to not have to eat every two seconds, pee every two seconds, I'm still a cry baby (I think it's even worse now), I'm pretty sure I'm shedding 20 lbs of hair everyday...I could go on! The craziness doesn't stop after you have the baby! Haha!