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Monday, March 28, 2011

Awful tooth infection!!!

So two weekends ago I started to have a small toothache on Friday night, I tried to be strong and not take any medicine for the baby's sake, but it started to get worse so I took Tylenol. That helped me get to sleep that night.
I woke up the next morning with the same amount of pain but had decided that I could get through it without taking medicine all day! We were going to the championship game for the njcaa that night, so i took a few Tylenol to get through the game. I figured that when we got home I'd be able to sleep just fine with the help of the medicine. But that was not the case... I tried falling asleep and the pain was just getting more and more intense. I tried everything putting heat on it, taking medicine, and nothing was working at all! So I finally gave in and called my mom! She gave me a few suggestions , which I was so grateful for! She also told me that she always had teeth issues when she was pregnant! I tried her suggestions but they were only giving me temporary relief! I think I ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep that whole night! I couldn't lay down at all or the pain became too severe. So I sat up all night!
Sunday morning I started looking for a dentist that would take me in as an emergency patient, and I found one that was in Wichita, (which is only about an hour away from us) So we scheduled the appointment with them, I was so relieved! Then half an hour later they called back and said that the assistant wouldn't be able to come in on such short notice so they couldn't get me in! It was the worst and I was so disappointed! So Sunday I spent the day pacing the house trying to find some relief for the pain I was in! It helped the pain if I was up walking around, so we went to the park and walked, which was nice. I was just dreading the night though!
Later that evening we took our friends some brownies for his birthday, and I could tell the pain was starting to set in again! So Wes and our friend Adam gave me a priesthood blessing (which wasn't the first I had received but it helped) and we went home! I took my Tylenol and put on the numbing cream! But this time nothing was working and the pain was increasing! I knew that I couldn't make it through the night like this! So we went to the E.R. The wait to get in was about and hour long and I finally saw the doctor whose first comment to me was "Oh you have such beautiful white teeth" I wanted to punch him, the last thing they were to me at that moment was beautiful! So he gave me an antibiotic and a little stronger dosage of Tylenol! I think the antibiotic helped drain out the infection, because I was able to sleep for about five hours that night.
The next morning I got into the dentist, apparently dentist in Kansas don't do root canals they send you out to specialist! They scheduled an appointment with a specialist for me for April 5th. I was so irritated with the receptionist because she acted like that appointment was SO soon! So I walked out and went and found a specialist that could get me in the next day. So I am doing much better now! I have one root canal and another appointment scheduled for this Thursday to get another one done! Not very much fun, but the relief is amazing!!!!!!
I think I have taken my teeth for granted, but not anymore! :)

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  1. My dentist made me go in after my pregnancy to "see how the teeth survived the pregnancy." I guess you're teeth are more prone to cavities and other shinanaguns like that. Luckily I didn't get any!