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Monday, February 21, 2011

About time for an update!!

Oh holy wow! I don't even really know where to start! I can't believe that I haven't posted since October!
Quite a bit has happened since then I'm just gonna go through every month since then, hopefully I don't leave anything out!

So Friday November 5, 2010 Wes graduated from Northwest Lineman College! It was so fun to see him climb the poles and change out all the wires and things. None of our family was able to come out and see him, but we had Cherise Haddock ( the women we lived with) and our home teachers Brother and Sister Rinehart. I was so happy to see them there! It made us feel so happy and loved!
The first part of the graduation ceremony was called a lineman rodeo where they had all of the students compete in speed competitions in changing out the parts of an electrical line. Then that same evening there was a more formal graduation ceremony. We had some great speakers and then all of the students received awards and diplomas!
Since neither of our families could make it out to California for Wes' graduation I decided to plan a surprise party with my mom for when we got back into Hurricane. So I told Wes that I was so excited to go home, so we had to leave really early! I had it all planned out so we could have like 2 hours of rest time the whole 12 hour drive! Wes had no idea that any of it was happening, and he kept wanting to stop and take his time, or stop and enjoy the view. And i kept trying to rush him along and kept telling him i was so excited to be home! I think at one point he was being suspicious and could tell that i was kinda hiding something from him, so he kept bugging me about why i wanted to get home so bad and I kinda slipped something about not wanting to be late! LOL We made it home exactly on time! Wes was kinda surprised but he knew something was going on! I was so happy with the way it all turned out! My mom did such a good job getting everything organized! We had lots of friends and family there and it was exciting to celebrate Wes' great achievement with graduating school!
The rest of November was a lot of frustration... Wes sent out resume after resume and would hear back from few, but most places just weren't hiring! He got a job in Andrews , TX we were so excited, so he drove down to start work and I stayed back in Hurricane to finish up my job and try to find us a place to live. Well he went to his first day of work and it turned out that the recruiting company who had hired him had not communicated and sent over his paperwork to the actual company he'd be working for. So in the end there was no job and we were kinda left with a mess! This was just the beginning ... Wes called the recruiting company Aerotek and they said they were gonna get him the next available job, and they'd reimburse us for all his travel expenses, pretty much made a lot of fake promises! So I would call them every week and try to find out the status on our money and it turned out they were telling us one lie after the next!!! I finally got through to a supervisor and 2 months later we actually got our money. We will never have anything to do with Aerotek again to say the least!

Pretty much revolved around turning in resumes after resume and getting ready for Christmas! Wes had applied for a storm chasing job in the middle of Kansas but we wouldn't be hearing back about it til the first of January! By this point we were both getting really discouraged, because it felt like every step we'd try and take in a new direction we'd get shoved down! I got a job at Fantastic Sam's doing hair, and Wes was working at the Pallet yard. One day at the end of December while Wes was at work he called me and told me that the Kansas job had called him and he was hired! My first reaction was pure panic!!! Kansas is so far away, and I didn't want it to turn out like the Texas job had! We thought a lot about it, and felt like it was the right job!

So Wes drove out to Hutchinson, Kansas! He started his job on January 11th 2011! I stayed back in Utah again to finish up working at Fantastic Sam's, my last day of work was the best! lol (I didn't really like working there). I had originally planned to come out to Kansas on the 28th of January, but one day I was having a really hard time being away from Wes, and I couldn't remember why we decided to wait for me to come out! So I had a garage sale the next day and sold pretty much everything we owned, what we didn't sale got given away to D.I. So I booked my ticket and I flew out on the 20th!
I had been out only 3 days and Wes called me from work saying that his boss had ran over his foot with his truck! So we got to go spend the day in the Emergency room waiting on x- rays!
It turned out that he had a small fracture on his Tibia bone. So the doctor gave him the week off of work and he had to wear a boot brace around for 2 weeks! I am very grateful that I was able to come out the week before, because I'm sure i would have been freaking out if i had not been here for the foot episode!
Things have been pretty interesting this month. The weather started warming up Wes has been able to get a full work week in! Valentines day was good! But Saturday we woke up and went to leave in our car and realized that 4 of the windows in our ford explorer had been shot out, And the back window was completely shot to smithereens! I guess that's the thing to do around here, shoot out windows in parked cars! I just hope they catch whoever is doing it! Its awful people would feel the need to vandalize like that!
I'm sure the rest of February is gonna be fantastic! We really like it here in Kansas and we are super grateful that Wes has a job!
I will not go as long next time trying to update the blog and hopefully next time I'll have some pictures of Kansas we can share!