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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tag I'm It...

So I was texting my friend Nat and we were talking about blogging and how I never find time to do it! So she tagged me to answer these questions about myself! I'm excited I've never done anything like this and they seem like lots of fun!

1. what is your favorite tv show?

So as much as Wes dislikes this show I have to say that I love the Housewives of the differnet cities! My two favorites are Housewives of Orange County and Housewives of New Jersey! Pretty much I just like reality tv though.

2. What is one thing you would change if you could go back to your high school years?

Wes and I went to highschool together and the only thing that I would have changed was to get to know him while we were in high school. But things happen for a reason and I'm so happy we met when we did! Perfect timing!!! :)

3.What is your Christmas list for this year?

Oh my... Every thing that I want this year will just have to come with time I think, I want Wes to get hired by a company , I would love it if he got the job in Utah, I want to get out of debt, then get back into debt and buy a house, and most of all I want a baby! I think these things would go under the dream on catagory, but hey I can dream! ;)

4. Name somthing that always makes you happy?

The one thing that I can always count on to cheer me up is Wesley Tod Pettus! He is amazing and always so positive! I love him so much, And appreciate him always helping me when I get down!

5. If I had a billion dollars what would you do with it?

A billion dollars is alot of money! I would be set for life... I would travel the whole wide world. I would build my own buisness and work for fun! I think I would try to make the world a better place in ways that only money can!

6.If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

1. I could go on vacation any time I want!

2. Wes could get hired in Northern Utah.

3. I could see Tommy before he gets home next June!

7. What is your favorite food in the whole world?

I love mexican food! It always sounds good to me!

8.If you could go anywhere for 7 days, all expenses paid where would you go?

This is such a hard question to answer, I want to travel everywhere! I think I narrowed it down to Europe though! Hopefully it happens some day!

Since I was tagged I now get to tag some people!!!

Natalie Johnson

Heather Payne Bowels

Maria Neilson

Sydnee Imlay

Anybody else who want to do it!!

Your questions are...

What are your goals for the next five years?

Who is your hero?

What is your favorite holiday?

What is your favorite memory to think back on?

What are your hobbies?

What is your favorite color?

Share a favorite picture of yours?

Last Oroville post!!!!

This has been an amzing four months! We had NO idea what to expect by moving out here, and now Wes graduates in 5 days! We are so excited to move back to Utah and see our family again. We are also sad because Oroville has been so amazing!

Us on one of the many bridges in Oroville

A view from one of the hills above the forebay

Wes's school

The poles he climbs everyday

This picture is with Sister Haddock, the women who has been nice enough to share her home with us for four months! She means so much to us, and I'm not sure she'll ever know how much she has blessed our lives. We consider her family and can't wait for her to visit us in Utah or wherever we end up!

Halloween night with our pumpkin we carved!

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Changes

It seems like lately our life has been one big change after the other! As I said in the previous post, I was working at The poison Apple salon. I loved it there! It was trendy and elite! I had been there two weeks and I got another job offer from a doctors office that I had interviewed with a few weeks prior. The job as a receptionist at the doctors office is full time, with benefits, and free doctor visits! There is no way I could turn this job down! I start my newest job on Wednesday, hopefully this will be the last new job i start while we are living here!
Wes has six weeks of school left! The time out here has gone by so fast! We have had so much fun out here! I just look forward to something a little more stable, but that probably is out of sight for us until Wes gets his Journeyman, And that's a good 3 -4 years away! The good thing is we have each other and it makes everyday worth it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living in California

So moving to California has been quite an adjustment. We miss our family so much, but we really like it out here on our own! There is so much to do! And Wes and I have become so close while out here.
I am working at the Poison Apple Salon in Chico, Ca as the salon coordinator.
Wes is doing really well in school and loving it! We have no idea where we will be when he is finished, but we are looking forward to another adventure!
So this is Oroville! It's such a pretty place, it has an amazing river that runs through it. And an amazing view from the dam! We absolutely love it here!

Wes and I have a favorite spot where we go down by the river. Wes usually studies and I read and we watch the fish jump! Its so much fun!

Last weekend we had the chance to go to Oakland and do a session at the temple. Then we spent the rest of the day in San Fransisco!
(This is a picture of the Golden Gate bridge in the distance)

We went to the Wax museum in the Fisherman's Wharf!

(Us on the beach in San Fransisco)
We love living in California, It has been such a blessing for us to have the opportunity to come and live out here while Wes is in school!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oroville, California

So I've been trying to get our blog going for a few months now, and since I finally decided that we have something worth posting I've been motivated!
As some of you might know Wes has applied to Northwest Lineman College in Oroville, California. He had applied to start school on November 29th of this year!
On Friday I met Wes for lunch and while we were together, he got an unexpected phone call from the college saying that he was accepted to the school for the summer session which starts July 26th!
So we ARE moving to California, Wes will leave on the 24th of this month. I will finish up at work and move out there August 1st!!!!
We are so excited and can't wait to get a new start out in California!