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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

May 14, 2012 Wes' Birthday

Becca, Aunt Diana, Uncle Mike, Mom

Wes' Family Kirsten, Josh, Dad, Mom

The Birthday Boy

Blowing out all 25 candles

For Wes/ birthday we had family over for pizza , cake & ice cream. Then we all went and saw the Avengers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trials and Even greater blessings

I get asked almost every day if we are trying to have another baby! The answer is Yes we are. It just doesn't happen as easy for us as others. We have been trying since we lost Tate . It took the doctor a good 6 months to figure out that I'm just not ovulating. But once he figured that out I have been able to take a medication. The first one he gave me didn't work the first month. So he changed the medication and upped the dosage. And it has worked the past two months. But just because I ovulate doesn't mean I'll get pregnant. Every month there is only a 20% chance of getting pregnant for any healthy woman. So that is the update on that! It has been a huge trial for us! And I hope and pray every day that Heavenly Father will bless us with a healthy baby!

We are so extremely blessed though! In January we got the calling to work as missionaries in the Hurricane Spanish Branch. We absolutely love our calling! Wes translates in sacrament meeting for all of us who don't speak Spanish! And we both teach the three year old Sunbeams in primary! The whole branch has reached out to us and we have grown so much in this calling! We are so blessed to get to know each and every one of the amazing people in the branch. I am so happy that we will be able to be there for two years!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tate's Memorial Services

Some of you may not know, but we were given the chance to bury our little boy Tate. We had his services at the Hurricane Cemetery on June 17, 2011. I've been meaning to post the pictures from it, but i just have had a hard time looking at them. I really appreciate my friend Kara Thomas Cox for taking them! We couldn't have made it all work out without her, and we definitely owe a special thanks to Wes's grandma Stratton who offered us a spot on her husbands plot. Tate is also buried right next to Wes' siblings Lucas and Cassandra who also passed in infancy. We tried to keep it small and just invite our immediate family. We are so grateful for all of the support from our family and close friends.

My Dad and Wes's dad were able to give a few words that were so comforting to us!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I thought I loved you then

Wes and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary today. We were able to go to Las Vegas for the weekend with some friends. I posted pictures from when we were dating up til now!

Hiking in Zion National Park July 2009
The night we got engaged on top of the Dixie rock August 2009
Married September 4, 2009
Honeymoon Catalina Island
First anniversary and Sealing in the Oakland California Temple September 4, 2010

For our second anniversary we stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort. It was such a nice place! We loved every second we had there. We went shopping at the Primm, Nv outlet mall, and rode the buffalo bill roller coaster on Friday. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and relaxed in the hot tub Friday night. On Saturday we went and did an early session at the Las Vegas temple, relaxed by the pool, and walked the strip! We had so much fun, it all ended too soon!
The back side of the Green Valley Ranch Resort.
Wes and I laying out by the pool
My gorgeous husband
The sand bottom filled saltwater pool at the resort
My cheesy smile as were checking out
We went and watched the 3D movie at the M&M factory called "I lost my M in Vegas"
The Las Vegas Temple. It was our first time being inside it. It is such a beautiful place! We are so grateful that our family is sealed together forever, and we know that we get to see our baby boy Tate again.

We have lived in six different houses/ apartments in 3 different states. Wes graduated from school. We found out we were expecting a baby. We had Tate and lost him. We've had ups and downs along the way. We have been through so much , One thing is always certain Our love will never change!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Run 4 Reggie

A few weekends ago our friend Rachel Talbot told us about a 5k run that was being held at the Stahlei farms. The run was supporting still born babies and all the money that was raised was being donated to the baby unit at the Dixie Regional hospital to create more of the memory boxes like we received when we lost Tate. Our box means so much to us, and we were so grateful for the opportunity to support this good cause!

Paula (Wes' mom), Wes & I
The angel tree where we posted pics of our little angels that we lost.
My parents, Wes and Me
A close up of Tate's picture on the Angel tree

We love you Tate!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I haven't had a chance to blog in a few weeks, because I have been working on some other projects. I had an experience a few weeks ago that I wanted to share.
Wes and I went to a family get together a few weeks ago, I was having a hard time from the beginning because hardly any of them said anything to us when we lost Tate and this was the first time that we had been to a family get together since losing our baby. I understand that its hard to know the right thing to say all the time when someone has lost someone they loved, so I don't really blame anyone. But it's very hard when our baby Tate was our whole world and we lost him so quickly, it's hard when people don't want to acknowledge the obvious. So I was at the family function and it seemed to me that people were avoiding talking to us. They would say a quick hello but it just didn't seem like normal. So Wes and I were quietly talking about just leaving and not staying for dinner, because we felt so extremely uncomfortable. Then one of my aunts came over and hugged me and told me that she hadn't gotten a chance to tell us how sorry she was about us losing Tate. I started crying because it's such an amazing feeling to know that someone understands the pain you're in. I'm sure she doesn't know the way that her saying just those few words helped me out that night but I am truly grateful that she showed us true compassion. We have had so many experiences with people just like this that have helped us with this grieving process in so many ways!

Monday, July 25, 2011

First of many letters to Tate

Dear Tate,
It's been two months since your dad and I said goodbye to you. These last eight weeks have been the hardest two months of my life so far. You taught us so much in the short time we had you here with us, and you're still teaching us so many things everyday. When I found out that I was expecting you I knew I loved you more than anything. I felt an instant bond with you. I could tell you had a personality already, just by watching you in the ultra sounds and feeling you wiggle inside me. I couldn't wait to meet you and get to know everything about you. I knew that you were a very special spirit of our heavenly fathers, and that he had a plan for you on this earth. I'm still learning everyday just how your life has influenced us. I'm trying to be patient with myself and all of the emotions that I experience as I try to let my heart heal. I miss you so much, but I understand that this is a part of Heavenly Fathers plan for us and we both agreed to this so long ago. I have felt your spirit near me at times and I know that you're watching over us! I feel like your helping your dad and me each day. You're a reminder to us of what we are working towards and what we need to be doing each day so that we can have you forever. I feel honored that heavenly father trusts us to be your parents. You're a perfect spirit and a perfect example to us. I am so grateful for the time we had with you and I am looking forward to the day that I see you again! I'll love you forever.

Love, Mommy